Delicious food is part of good manners at Boa Vista. To make it a little easier for you to find your way around and not always visit the same restaurants, we would like to give you a small selection.

Besides the typical restaurants like Pizzaria etc. we would like to give you one or the other insider tip.

Local dishes are very tasty! 

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Our first insider tip, snack bar Manguera.

Directly opposite our guesthouse is the small snack bar. There you can enjoy lunch menus for a little money. Between 3 and 5 Euro for one portion, you can't complain. Freshly prepared in capeverdian style, there are different meat and fish dishes to choose from.

A small tip in the margin, football is watched here with pleasure and commented loudly (Cape Verde stop). Those who do not like this hustle and bustle should avoid the times, football fans get their money worth. 

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Ka Natalia

Our second secret tip, Ka Natalia.

Small and fine restaurant for the lunchtime. There are always two or three dishes to choose from, fish and meat are always available. Prices are very moderate, 3 to 4 Euro for one dish. 

Ka Natalia is located in the street behind the shell gas station, behind the apartment house with the shops downstairs. Another prominent point that will lead you to your destination is the company SITA, which sells colours. Once you have found it (next to the shell gas station), just go through the passage and you are there. Please note that there is always a limited number of menus, if sold out, then so be it. 

The restaurant is visited by many locals, which stands for quality.

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Catchupa Coffee Shop

Cape Verde fans beware, Catchupa Coffe Shop.

Small and inconspicuously located on a side street, the national dish Catchupa is served. It is prepared traditionally, one day before it is cooked, then fried on the day of consumption and if desired garnished with egg and sausage.

Everyone should have tried it once!

The restaurant is located one street behind the gas station Enacol.

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The restaurant Churrasqueira is located a little off the main roads. 

You can choose between an indoor and outdoor seating area. The menu is very extensive, but not too big. 

Here everybody finds a treat. 

Our recommendation is tuna, one of the best in Sal Rei.

As usual everywhere, the dishes are served with extensive side dishes.

You can find the restaurant by following the road at the snack bar Manguera. Better said, when you are in front of the snack bar, follow the road to the right. 

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Pizzaria O Gato & A Raposa

One of our favorite Italian, O Gato & A Raposa.

Very good and inexpensive food, all typically Italian. You will find, besides pizza and pasta, also some exotics like hamburger and kebab. We can say, everything is recommendable!

Of course Italian specialties like Panzerotti are also on the menu.

The restaurant is always worth a visit. You will find the restaurant on the backside of the new Bank Bai at the entrance of Sal Rei.

This pizzeria also has a delivery service, you can have your food delivered to our guesthouse!  

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Ca' Baby

Another favorite Italian, Ca' Baby .

If you have already strolled through the market place and found the vegetable hall, you have probably also discovered Ca' Baby.

Very fine restaurant, extensive menu, so that everyone gets their money's worth. Besides the pizzas you can recommend the tuna fish. Salads are cleaned with fresh water, a full recommendation! There are two daily menus, one of which is vegetarian!

We would also like to mention that there are very good cocktails. The ice cubes are made with fresh water!

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Casa do Pescador

A very cosy restaurant next to the fish hall in Sal Rei.

Here you can enjoy freshly prepared fish at any time. It is typically Cape Verdean cooked, so taste is guaranteed.

The large and sun-flooded terrace with view to the small fishing boats invites you to stay and relax.

As a further highlight we would like to mention that even caught fish, which you bring along, is prepared there. One only pays for side dishes and drinks! 

Very recommendable, the lobster in Cape Verdean style!

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A Taberna

Our friend Max (Italian) has opened a new restaurant with his Cape Verdean wife, A Taberna. 

Here you can look forward to a mix of Italian and Cape Verdean cuisine.

Besides the very good lunch menu, I would like to mention the evening menu. Typically italian you will be served an appetizer, 2 main courses and a dessert. The whole thing is rounded off by the combined taste of the two cuisines typical for the country. 

Here you can choose from a wide range of wines.

You will find the restaurant right next to our guesthouse, less than 100 meters away. Just go out the door, keep left, take the next right and there you are.

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Te Marche

A small and fine bar at the small fishing port.

Here you can have breakfast, lunch and simply enjoy the view.

Breakfast is buffet style, at noon there is a menu card. You should definitely try the fried moray eel.

The village invites you to stay and enjoy the sun terrace. Watch how the fish is delivered and how children try their hand at fishing.

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