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North Tour

We start in the capital of Boa Vista Sal Rei. After an exploration tour through Sal Rei we go off-road to the wreck Santa Maria. On the way, which leads us through a date palm plantation and acacia alley, you will meet donkeys and goats.

Arrived at the wreck take your time to enjoy the atmosphere and the place. Many of our guests said afterwards, the place has something special. Take some photos, the wreck will not be seen for long, wind and waves take their toll.

Now we drive on to the small and contemplative place "Bofareira", here we are welcomed with live music. You will take part in a grog tasting (local drink) and some small snacks will be served. There is also one, really only one, Sovenir shop where you can look around without "harassment". 

The tour leads us further through the varied landscape of Boa Vista. Past old river courses which have left deep canyons up to the shark bay. With a little luck and patience we can bok lemon sharks close to the water surface. (Ocean remains ocean, so don't be disappointed if there is no shark)

Back it goes over the "Route 66" (where it got the name from you will see) to Rabil. Arrived in Rabil we make a stop at the old pottery. Here you will find handmade Sovenire at fair prices. A short stop in a shop for capeverdian specialities and then it's back to Sal Rei.  

Duration of the trip about 6 hours, please note that bathing is always at your own risk.

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Odoo • Image and Text

South Tour

The tour of a special kind, we start in the desert of Boa Vista (about 8km²). Why Boa Vista has a desert, the tour guides will tell you. Take your time, look around and take some pictures for home, not everybody can claim to have been in a real desert.

We continue through the typical landscape of Boa Vista to the beach "Santa Monica" an endless 15 km long white sandy beach. Here you have time for swimming, photo shooting or just to relax. We drive parallel to the water until shortly before the end of the beach we turn off and drive through an acacia forest to the oldest village of Boa Vistas "Povoacao".  

We stop at the local restaurant "Fon' Banana", our hostess is Fausta. Fausta grew up in the village of "Povoacao", then emigrated to France for some time and is now back in Boa Vista. The visit is not included in the price, but the prices are so moderate that one should not miss the pleasure of Cape Verdean meals.

After we have strengthened ourselves, we drive to the beach "Praia de Varandinha". This beach offers breathtaking cliffs and mysterious caves. Photographers will get their money's worth here. Also here you have time to jump into the Atlantic Ocean and cool down.

Now we start our way home, we follow the west coast of Boa Vista until we reach "Morro d'Areia". You will have an adventurous ride through the dunes before you can let off steam sandboarding. For those who like to enjoy, the view from the dunes makes you forget the time.

Duration of the trip about 7 hours, please note that swimming and sandboarding is always at your own risk.

Farol & Shells

We start from the west coast via "Route 66" to Norte. Norte is the area of the three small towns, Joao Galego, Fundo das Figueiras and Cabeca. Each place has its own charm. One feels transported back in time, small colourful houses, cosiness and "No Stress" are the order of the day here.

We use the way there to give you information about agriculture on Boa Vista. Because you can hardly believe it, with three to five rainy days a year, agriculture is possible!

Behind Norte we leave the roads and drive off-road to the lighthouse "Morro Negro". Attention we have to walk the last part (about 15 min). We have full access to the lighthouse, it is out of order, but who dares to climb up will be rewarded with a fantastic view over the east coast of Boa Vista. Take a short time and listen to the wind and the waves.

Now it is time to go to the shell beach, "Porto Ferreira" we come. Highlight, as the name says, a lot of shells lying on the beach. Mainly you find the "fencer snails", beautiful in shape and colour. (Attention fencer snails are subject to the protection of species, please inform yourself before if you are allowed to take them home!)

This place is special, normally nobody comes here, so you have the beach to yourself. It is less suitable for bathing, because many sea urchins have their home in the water. If you dare to go swimming, don't forget your bathing shoes!

After exploring the area, we return to Norte to the village "Fundo das Figueiras" to have some refreshments in a small restaurant (food is included in the price, drinks are extra). There is time to look at the place together before we start the return journey.

Duration of the trip approx. 7 hours, please note that swimming is always at your own risk.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Tour South East

This tour takes you far away from the normal tourist streams. We drive across the island, past "Fonte Vicente" and ancient Baobab trees to "Cural Vehlo". Explore the old abandoned fishing village, listen to the stories the wind tells in the ruins. After a short excursion to the old salt works of Boa Vista we will go to the beach of "Cural Vehlo". A dreamlike view of the rocky island opens up.

Along the coast the next stop is called "Ervatao", turtle beach. This is the name of the beach, because during the turtle season most of the eggs are laid here. Of course we will provide you with a lot of information about the "loggerhead turtle".

We continue to "Cabeca dos Tarafes", where you will get an exclusive insight into Cape Verdean country life and the house of a Cape Verdean family. Take a look at the goat house, watch how the traditional goat cheese is made. Help out, try to milk the goats. Afterwards we will participate in a tasting of the cheese and other specialties.

Now we will start for "Fundo das Figueiras" where we will visit a typical Cape Verdean restaurant. Fish, meat and plenty of side dishes await us. (Food is included in the tour price, drinks are extra)

Unfortunately it is now time to go home, via "Route 66" back to Sal Rei.

Duration of the trip about 7 hours, please note that bathing is always at your own risk. 


We have even more for you in the program, talk to us, write us, we will find the right tour for you.

Private tours

For all those who cannot identify with the standard tours or are looking for an adventure away from the hustle and bustle, we have just the right thing.

We organize private tours for you!

If you are interested in such a tour we will discuss everything in advance. We will take your wishes into account, give you tips on beautiful points and sights and discuss the schedule. The tours are about 8 hours long, so please understand that we can't see the whole island, because we go off-road to most points.

To the schedule:

We will pick you up at your apartment/hotel around nine in the morning. Now we have to take a seat in the back of the pickup truck and enjoy the view. As discussed in advance, we drive to the sights and viewpoints. True to Boa Vista's motto "No Stress" you will have plenty of time to look around, take pictures and enjoy the atmosphere. At noon we always plan a stop in a local restaurant. Here you can enjoy Cape Verdean delicacies. (Lunch is not included in the tour price) 

Well-fed we start with the second part of the tour. You will see many different landscapes of Boa Vista on the tour, enjoy it. The attentive observer will see many free-ranging donkeys and goats, which simply belong to the picture Boa Vista.

If you wish, we can also add a stop for a swim. Please note that bathing is at your own risk. 

The tour ends around 17 o'clock.

One more thing I want to say about this tour, we deliberately decided against including drinks and food, to give the local restaurants the chance to profit from tourism. For this reason, we will do this tour with a local taxi driver.  

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