Surfing or surfing has its origin in the South Seas, where it spread through the voyages of the Polynesians. Surfing experienced its heyday on the islands of Hawaii, where it became an integral spiritual and cultural part of society. 

The development of surfing probably began with "body surfing". In this case, the waves were slid with the body alone without any aids. Later on, surfing was done lying on larger boards, sitting or on the knees. Surfing in this form was widespread throughout Polynesia (and beyond). Especially in Tahiti it developed into "surfing standing up". Women and men of all classes and ages went out to sea to surf. 

The social importance of surfing was demonstrated by the fact that the bays with the highest and best waves were reserved for the kings and were taboo for the rest of the population. Once a year a big festival was held in Hawaii. Work was interrupted for three months to enjoy recreation, sports, dancing and feasting. The surfing competitions were of particular importance, attracting thousands of spectators. Surfing was and is the national sport in Hawaii. 

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Source: Wikipedia

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