Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

SUP surfing is a new trend sport that was developed in Hawaii and is now meeting with great response worldwide. In SUP surfing, the athlete stands on a surfboard and paddles standing up with only one paddle. The history of SUP surfing goes back to the Polynesians. They paddled standing up with their canoes over the reefs in Tahiti to fish.

In Hawaii, surfing instructors have taken advantage of the opportunity to overlook their groups while standing to better anticipate the swell, and world-renowned surfers such as Laird Hamilton and Robby Naish have recently helped SUP surfing regain popularity. They came up with the idea of using their tandem boards as a fitness workout in 2000 and quickly realized how much fun SUP surfing is and the potential of SUP surfing for recreational athletes and especially on flat water. In 2004, Brian Keaulana brought the discipline of SUP surfing to the famous contest of his father, the Big Board Classic in Makaha, thus increasing his popularity. Today it is the Hollywood stars such as Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston or Mathew McConaughey who strengthen their fitness through SUP surfing and thus help the sport to become even better known.

But the best thing about paddling is that it can really be done by EVERYONE, whether young or old, sporty or less sporty. You need absolutely no previous knowledge! There is no "I CAN'T DO THAT" !

Stand Up Paddling is not only a lot of fun, it is also a great workout for the whole body. It trains strength, endurance and balance in a very gentle and joint-gentle way. Above all the back, abdomen and torso are stressed and trained while paddling.

Source: Wikipedia