Land & Sea Tour

On a yacht along the coast of Boa Vista. Swimming in the Atlactic, exploring the most beautiful beaches and a delicious lunch the Cape Verdean way?

A little bit more action while sandboarding in the dunes?

Then this tour is exactly the right one! The motor yacht "Simply No Stress" offers enough space to let your soul dangle, everybody gets his money's worth! Whether lying on the sun deck, sitting on the front deck, in the shady aft deck with benches and table or on the flying bridge, everyone will find his place. On this tour you will especially like the coast Boa Vista, enjoy the view comfortably on the ship and have a cool drink (included in the price). The group consists of a maximum of 16 people, so there is no crowding on the yacht. If you are not sure if you are seaworthy, we recommend you take a travel tablet before the trip.

After about 2 hours you will be brought to the stand "Praia de Chaves", where you will already be bought. After a tasty lunch at the beach bar "Pérola de Chaves" (included in the tour price, plus drinks) incl. time for swimming, you will start for sandbording in the dunes. Now you follow the beautiful west coast of Boa Vista with a stopover at mysterious caves up to the south of the island to the endless beach "Santa Monica" (approx. 15 km). Everywhere you will have time to swim, relax and take pictures, the main thing is "No Stress".

Duration of the trip approx. 8 hours, please note that swimming is always at your own risk.
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Catamaran Sailing

New from March 2020

The crew of catamaran Maximus welcomes you from March 2020. You will spend unforgettable hours on an ocean-going boat, don't worry, the trip will not take you to the open sea ;-)
After a welcome drink and a short briefing on the boat, you will relax and explore the bay of Chaves. Here you can choose whether you want to sit on the front deck, hovering over the water, or rather at the stern at benches and table. The way is the goal of this trip, as a conclusion you will anchor in front of the island Djeu.

Once arrived you have the choice to snorkel, swim or just enjoy the fantastic view and listen to the sound of the sea and wind. You will be served drinks and finger food during the trip. Start and end is the port of Sal Rei.

Duration of the trip approx. 4 hours, please note that swimming is always at your own risk.

Island Djeu

The offshore island of Djeu is worth a trip. There you can experience a piece of history of Boa Vista next to a small and beautiful beach. The old Portuguese Fort is there!

You will be driven with a converted fishing boat from the port of Sal Rei directly to the island of Djeu. Once there, you can relax on the beach or refresh yourself in the water.

Then we will go to the fort together, where you will be told a little bit about the history of Boa Vista and the development of the fort. You have enough time to look around and enjoy the atmosphere.

Nature lovers beware the island is uninhabited, beside lizards and butterflies (depending on the season) you can see white gannets. Also a little trip to the stone coasts is worthwhile, there you will always see some small sea dwellers.

From 2020 on the government of Boa Vista has approved funds to restore the old fort, so be there when it's time to rebuild it! 


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Traditional fishing

Before the indignation about how divers can support fishing I would like to tell all sceptics that it is possible!

With this excursion we would like to pass on the traditions of Cape Verde. We will go to the fishing grounds in a small wooden boat and will fish traditionally, this means only with a line, no rod, no net!

You will be accompanied by a local fisherman who will prepare your equipment, take you to the fishing grounds and give you one or two tips. Then you're ready to go, bait on the hook and off you go with the line into the water.

Now it's time to pay attention, you have to develop a feeling for when the fish is on the bait and pull the line at the right moment. In the end you have success or the fish are fed.

Before the trip you have already determined the end. Either you decide for a small barbeque on the beach of the island Djeu or you let the fish freshly prepared in a restaurant at the harbour. The preparation is free of charge, you only pay for the side dishes and drinks.

Duration of the trip about 4 hours

Fish that is caught too "much" is donated to a retirement home in Sal Rei so that nothing is wasted!

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