Quad Touren

Boa Vista the island of many faces.

Even if you can hardly believe it, because on the satellite pictures Boa Vista looks very barren, the island has many beautiful points and villages that are worth a trip. Since the roads on Boa Vista are not always paved and most people are not familiar with off-road driving, we recommend to explore the island with a quad bike.

It is a lot of fun to experience the different landscapes on the quad and to master the terrain without the risk of getting stuck.

There are different providers of quad tours, depending on your wishes we will find the right one for you, so that you are in good hands.

You prefer to explore Boa Vista on your own? No problem, we have a cooperation with one of the best quad rentals here on site.

You are unsure whether you can make it on your own, would you prefer a guided tour with lots of fun and adventure? And all this without being constantly rushed by the guide?

No problem, we organize private tours for you. Just you alone, with your partner or family, just as you wish.

We offer you 2 different tours, with these two tours in combination you can explore the whole of Boa Vista and take the impressions home with you. The advantage of the private tours is that you have time. If you want to stay a little longer at one point to take two or three more pictures, no problem, just tell the guide and it will be arranged. The Toruen always start at 9am and finish at 5:30pm. Lunch can also be arranged on request. Prices on request.

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