We are an online again

Would be intended it had?

Hello, dear readers,

we are limited again online!!

Two hard months lie behind us and now I would like to bring you on the newest state.

As first many thanks to Stefan!! Thanks to you we have got to turn it in two months the house completely on the head and to get again nice. Thanks to is expressed not really enough as said you are welcome here always and every time.

We start sometimes in front, after arrival in the 3/29/2019 we have covered for the moment our flatlet we had rented to the security. Then on the day afterwards we were allowed to cover the house. Frank and Elsa had performed quite really preliminary work and therefore any more so much Sahara dust was not in the house. So we immediately began with the cleaning of 2 flatlets, because our flatlet was rented only for one week. Until we the dust from the last corner had outdoors, nevertheless, there passed several days. 

In the interim we have still argued with the habits the cape Verden then a hire contract on in Portuguese had to go here for my act with the tax office. After now two rooms were ready we have made a list what is to be done everything. This became longer from day to day. Here a woe little woe there what small and the big problems like stream and water. So we looked for the moment after water, a phone call of our new friend Oscar and water went relatively fast was delivered by Tutu, a very nice Kapverdianer. 

Now well water was in the tank now we it should come on the roof to run by gravitation again back in the flatlets? The pump had to be activated. After check stood the plan, generator check and throw first, waters on the roof pump. OK the next day was concluded the examination, new battery was inserted and the test run stood in a queue. Generator ran, but no stream on the pump.... Unfortunately, we also lacked the suitable measuring instrument around this to check one nice Spaniards have asked for help.

There also he was powerless we have managed to me to an other water delivery directly on the roof and had now for the moment water in the house now we had to ascertain this were affected the lines by the long time a little bit and we have ordered ourselves an assembler. He came and took up all defects, made a list with parts he required and sent to us off this to shop, as far as everything i. SUPRA Then he broke his work from about 17:30 o'clock and said goodbye with the words „to morning“... His morning was one week later. So we had to get by with only one functional bath. If we have also done;-). But one he stood firmly after his work he had finished does not come again!

Now it becomes Amusing short, from a mood we have put down sometimes a protection in the house and what do you believe? We had stream, we looked to us at everybody surprised incl. our renter him only This said „I have never ordered“. Well, all the same we had stream and could turn on at least in the flatlets in the evening the light.

However, the pump did not go yet there for us by an other check of the stream clearly became to us one of 3 phases of the stream is absent. However, one can only complain this if one has an official connection, so back to the generator... He could not go when I sometimes in the cable moved around the connection with the fuse box to examine, it came like from the wall. Finally, OK a direct connection laid to us see the pump there went!! We had to fill only the pressure body of the pump with air and then the water bubbled on top in the tanks.

Now the biggest building sites were removed for the time being. We had stream and therefore by the boiler warm water and were able to do the water cycle anew befüllen. Freshness of courage we came along to our list, among the rest, here stood: Doors do not close any more currently make, cleaning, two electrical system mistakes find one short circuit in a flatlet in each case releases, kitchen furnish and clean, bannisters tighten, restaurant furnish, complete roof anew make (Tile anew fasten, railings trail and make to pranks, wood anew lasieren, electrical system anew (lamps on the roof), Completely to pranks exchange the roof, lighting in the flatlets (pears were defective) and a lot more what in runs to the time on top of that has come.

We have removed point for point, blood and water have sweated, laughed and almost wept, nevertheless, the final result is worthy of notice. 

Who is followed us in Facebook in the interim, we have opened!!!! You also find pictures of the opening with FB as well as topical 360 degrees of photo of the flatlets. A link to book we have built in on our side flatlets, as well as have exchanged the photos.

Now we still wait for the release of our container which this week should occur, then we are ready to be launched for our Scubadivebuisnes.

I have here certainly of some forgotten with write, but a blog lives on entries, therefore since tense on the next.

Till then you 


P.s.: Our Internet connection has lasted more than 2 weeks;-)