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Be Strong

Hello Dears,

some time has passed and now we wanted to bring you on the topical state of the things. You have pursued that we have brought our first help to equipment on the newest state, however, this was not yet everything...

1. After some consideration we have resolved to join to the second diving association. Now beside the usual education PADI we are also members with that

International Diving Association

briefly IDA and May train there this association informed to CMAS. I would like to thank quite warmly Horst, Tim and Sven for the nice and hearty admission. Melanie and I have resolved to us in addition to acquire the teaching light R about IDA, this enables to us to train in future lifeguard.  

2. We have controlled our first equipment delivery and have brought on the way to the stack station. Now in spite of some difficulties with the collection in Fulda it is sure and safely in Hamburg. Now it still follows the compressor and our private things in an oversea box, then the container goes off. Now I would like to come on the difficulties.... 17:30 days of the collection and the product stands packed in Fulda on the court of  Dive King. What act in the need.... To reach forwarding agency of nobody... Elevating platform trucks where from and where with the palette? Then there came the releasing phone call of Thomas, overnight the product is unterput by a making friends enterprise in 7.5to truck. Thanks to thanks to thanks. Thanks Andreas you have shifted your end of work to help to carry the palette on the truck. Thanks Charles you have made available your truck to unknown manner. Thanks Thomas for the quick organisation. Thanks to the whole team sincerely.

3. Facebook is an online: Now you also find us with Facebook (Follow us), Twitter, Google plus etc. still follow...

As the next the compressor course stands in a queue, with it we want to guarantee to be able to keep in good condition this competently waiting and. We keep informed you...

Best regards you