Boa Vista Water Sport

Why do we exist?

Hello dear readers of our blog,

For our very first entry we decided to tell you our own story of how we ended up in Boa Vista.

We are Melanie and Henning, two German scuba diving instructors, who fell in love with the Island of Boa Vista and with its people. The island offers warm and pleasant temperatures of about 23 degrees Celsius in winter and about 35+ in summer. As Central Europeans we would have said that that’s perfect scuba diving conditions year round. Unfortunately, not everyone thought so. We got here on a holiday and found out that the only reasonable base was closed for the winter. We were flabbergasted. We had booked flights, organized our holiday, had transported our own scuba diving gear … So what were we to do? In the beginning it was just a crazy idea – our very own scuba diving base … but after much consideration and several more trips to Boa Vista our decision was made: We will open our own base.

What do we do differently than other dive centers? Well, for starters we do not close in the wintertime! Also, we are going to explore brand new dive sites as the underwater world of Boa Vista is not fully explored, yet. There are many blank spots on the dive maps. And last but not least, we do not mass process tourists but place great emphasis on personal attention and professionalism.