Wellness massages

In order to really enjoy the motto "No Stress" and to relax, you can also book massages and other therapies in our apartment house. These are carried out by a trained physiotherapist (Melanie). Melanie has gained 6 years of professional experience in Germany. Through various further training courses she can, among other things, remove blockages with manual therapy.

Full body massage

It is said to promote the blood circulation of muscles, skin, tendons and connective tissue and to ease tension. It stimulates the metabolism and makes messenger substances, which make us feel pain, harmless faster.

During a massage, the body produces fewer stress hormones, but ejects more happiness and relaxation messenger substances, such as endorphins or oxytocin. The mind is soothed by the muscle relaxation, by the comforting warm feeling and the attention of the masseur. This can have a positive effect on the sensation of pain and, if necessary, make it disappear.

Full body massage 60 min.

includes legs, back, neck and arms

... stimulates the blood circulation

... stimulates the lymph flow 

... releases tensions

... relaxed

... has a positive effect on internal organs

... releases happiness hormones

... strengthens the immune system

... lets us switch off

... reduces stress

... can have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system

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Partial body massages

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Head massage

Very good to use for headaches and for a feeling of heaviness of the head. A head massage is something very relaxing and pleasant. It supports not only the relaxation of tense muscles, but also your health. It can even lead to an improvement in sleeping problems.

Partial massage 30 min.


Back massage

Relaxing again?

Letting go of everyday life ? 

Do something good for yourself ?

Then a relaxing back massage is particularly suitable to stimulate the blood circulation and release slight tension. It helps to lower the blood pressure, to reduce stress hormones and has a sleep-promoting effect.

Massage duration 30 or 60 minutes. 


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Arm/hand massage

Due to hard work or one-sided work, the arms may feel heavy, swollen or even tingling. With this massage you can stimulate the blood circulation, reduce water retention and release pain and tension. 

Partial massage 30 min.

Leg/foot massage

Long one-sided strain can lead to exhausted, heavy and swollen legs that can even cramp. A foot and leg massage is particularly suitable for loosening these cramps. After all, our legs carry us through life every day and too rarely get anything back.
Partial massage 30 min. 

Partial massage 30 min.

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Cupping head massage

The procedure is the same as for cupping therapy, but the back is first covered with cream or oil. This is done to be able to move the cupping glass on the skin. This massage is used for stubborn deep and recurring tensions. It promotes blood circulation and metabolism more than a conventional massage. Finally some strokes are applied.

Massage duration 30 min.

We are flexible in terms of dates, if you need a transfer from a hotel, please let us know.

Billing is according to time unit:

        30 minutes = 25 €

        60 minutes = 45 €


To make an appointment simply call +238 52 90 89 3.

We are looking forward to your visit.