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Melanie Braunert
June 2019 — 10916 views


Henning Berens
June 2019 — 9696 views

We are an online again

Henning Berens
May 2019 — 9921 views

PC packs

Henning Berens
March 2019 — 9274 views

The days vanish

Henning Berens
March 2019 — 9466 views

Update Time

Henning Berens
February 2019 — 9301 views

Well Done!

Henning Berens
January 2019 — 9382 views

Boa Vista Water Sport

December 2018 — 9707 views

About Us

We are a highly motivated young team, committed to offering professional scuba diving at all times.  After some deliberation we decided to open our own base in Cape Verde. Since who finds out with pleasure after arrival on vacation that no base has opened ;-)

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